Gro Suppplies are specialists in hydroponic lighting and grow light reflectors. We strive to bring you the latest in artificial lighting and grow lights technologies to help your plants grow. Grow lights are obviously an absolute must to be able to Grow indoors all year round. Since it is one of the most vital pieces of hydroponic equipment needed to build an indoor growing environment we bring you as wide a choice as we can from the best quality and most trusted brands. You can Grow all manner of plants including tomatoes, peppers; basically anything you choose to grow. Choose your grow lights from a range of manufacturers such as GrowStar, Gavita, Sylvania, Phillips and many more. We keep in stock a full range of grow light reflectors and grow lamps so we are able to offer the right lighting system for your needs no matter how big or how small. We also stock a full range of fluorescent lighting systems for both propagation of cuttings and early vegetative growth. We have a wide range of high Intensity hydroponic lighting systems with many combinations of reflectors, ballasts and grow lamps. If you need help making your choice about which grow light you need, give our friendly staff a call.