6″ Lockdown Pads



Lock down pads are specifically designed to cover the base of the plant to protect it from insects, mould or debris. Lock down pads are made of hydroponic plastic with waterproof adhesive. They can be used throughout all stages of growth and are long lasting.

NO Pesticides
NO Odour
NO noxious chemicals
NO mess
Water Resistant
Protects full base of plant
Insect-attracting Yellow
Easy to monitor trapped insects
Easy to use
Environmentally friendly
Indoors or outdoors

Lock Down Pads

Lay the Lock Down Pad adhesive side up or down in your pot.

Peel off the release film.

Lock Down Pads

Cone UP is ideal for manual wand water feeding when growing in soil.

Separating the water from the plant whilst continuing to monitor insects.

Lock Down Pads

Cone Down allows for manual feeding and for visual monitoring of automatic watering systems.

Cone down with the adhesive inside during a bug infestation to monitor insects leaving your roots.


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