Lumii Black 600w Digital Light Kit



600w LUMii Black Digital Ballast Lighting Kit

Gro Supplies recommends this lighting kit as it’s a great all-rounder. Lumii is one of the biggest value brands in the UK, so you can rest easy knowing that you have a great quality product. The items which you get in this kit are the following Lumii Black Reflector, Lumii Black Digital Ballast and a Lumii Black 600w HPS Lamp. This kit is a fully complete lighting system so you are good to start straight out of the box.

600w LUMii Black Digital Ballast

Lumii black digital ballast is a made from premium components meaning device is long lasting and reliable. Lumii black digital ballast is the one of the most affordable ballast currently on the market. Each Ballast come with a flying IEC lead, the purpose of this is to make it simpler to start growing. The lead also enables you to add any reflector fitted with a universal IEC socket. The lumii black 600w digital ballast does not compromise on feature, the ballast has both a dimmable and boost functions this allows you to control your lamp outputs. The lamp can output at 250w, 400w plus a ‘super-lumens’ boost 600w +boost  this is an average 10% on output.

LUMii Black Reflector

The Lumi black reflector includes a lamp holder and V hooks so you can hang your reflector to any tent. The cord is 4m in length and the reflector is designed like a Dutch Barn-Style, Euro Reflector. The Lumii Black Reflector is great for customers who are looking for a great price but not skimping out on quality

Dimensions: Height: 160mm | Width: 350mm | Length: 520mm

600w LUMii Black Lamp

The Lumii Black lamp is a High Pressure 600w sodium lamp which comes in a E40 fitting. The bulb offers raised blues, which means it’s perfect at stimulating enhanced flowering. The lamp gives off 88,000 lumens and has 20,000 hours of life. It’s perfectly matched and tailored to use in conjunction with the Lumii Black Ballast and Reflector for the best results. However, it can be used with other brands

600w – 2.9 amps

This is not the only Lumii light kit we offer we also offer a magnetic ballast kit


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