red scorpion carbon filter



Red Scorpion Filters – no gimmicks, just a damn good filter…

The Red Scorpion has everything you would expect from a premium carbon filter. Manufactured using only the finest Australian mined carbon, the Red Scorpion offers minimal pressure drop through the fan whilst maintaining high performance in air scrubbing. The Red Scorpion also comes supplied with a free extra pre-filter, further improving durability. Ask your retailer for Red Scorpion. Available in stores now.


  • 100mm  x  300mm  //  4”  x  12”
  • 125mm  x  300mm  //  5”  x  12”
  • 150mm  x  300mm  //  6”  x  12”
  • 150mm  x  600mm  //  6”  x  24”
  • 200mm  x  600mm  //  8”  x  24”
  • 200mm  x  1000mm  //  8”  x  39.5”
  • 250mm  x  600mm  //  10”  x  24”
  • 250mm  x  1000mm  //  10”  x  39.5”
  • 315mm  x  600mm  //  12”  x  24”
  • 315mm  x  1000mm  //  12”  x  39.5”

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200mm x 600mm, 250mm x 1000mm, 250mm x 600mm, 315mm x 1000mm, 315mm x 1200mm, 315mm x 600mm, 100mm x 300mm, 125mm x 300mm, 150mm x 300mm, 150mm x 600mm, 200mm x 1000mm


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