Thermometer Hygrometer ETI


  • Dual screen constantly shows temperature and humidity levels
  • Large-size screen, easy to view from a distance
  • Can be placed on a desk or wall-mounted


ETI 810-145 Large Digit Temperature and Humidity Indicator Details

Great for your office, home, factory, lab or anywhere else, this large-size monitor will constantly measure and display current air temperature and humidity levels!

Equipped with a large-size LCD screen, the 810-145 will show a temperature reading, a humidity reading and a face icon which shows if the environment is considered dry, comfortable or wet. The values constantly refresh to maintain accurate results.

The monitor can measure temperature from 0 to 50°C and humidity from 10 to 99% RH. A MAX/MIN mode is also included; you can use this to record the maximum and minimum temperatures taken over a period of time.

You can mount the ETI 810-145 temperature and humidity monitor on a surface using the foldaway stand, or you can hang it on a wall using the keyhole slot. You can also expect long battery life using the 810-145; using just a single 1.5V AAA battery, this monitor will keep working for 10,000 hours!

ETI 810-145 Large Digit Temperature and Humidity Indicator Key Features

  • Place inside your home, office, workplace or anywhere else to constantly measure and display air temperature and humidity
  • Large-size LCD screen shows both temperature and humidity values at the same time
  • Face warning system – the 810-145 will display a face icon plus the text ‘dry, comfort or wet’ depending on current conditions
  • Temperature measurement range from 0 to 50°C
  • Humidity measurement range from 10 to 99% RH
  • Built-in sensors
  • Foldaway stand for desk mounting, or mount on a wall using the keyhole slot
  • MAX/MIN mode calculates the maximum and minimum temperatures taken over a period of time
  • Powered by a single 1.5V AAA battery with life of 10,000 hours

Technical Specs



ETI 810-145 Technical Specifications

Specification Temperature Humidity
Range 0 to 50°C 10 to 99% RH
Resolution 0.1°C/°F 1% RH
Accuracy ±1°C ±5% RH
Additional Specifications
Battery 1.5V AAA
Battery Life 10,000 hours
Display Dual custom LCD
Dimensions 20 x 100 x 110mm
Weight 135g




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