Xtreme Gardening CalCarb 3oz


Gro Supplies recommend Xtreme Gardening CalCarb 3oz to improve and strengthen your plants cell membranes not only that it also regulates the use of nutrients you use. CalCarb achieves this as inside is a source of carbon and dioxide calcium which is essential for your plant’s health. Calcium has a role in many quality crops such as tomatoes and peppers. Not only that using calcium reduces the heat stress which affects plants. Calcarb can work well either in indoor or outdoor environments. CalCarb foliar spray is derided from naturally occurring compounds which makes it a revolutionary calcium carbonate foliar spray. There is a brand-new technology which is utilised called nanotechnology this is the process that compounds to a fine size that permeate the foliage of the plants.

Once the nanotechnology is inside the plants cell walls, it releases CO2 which increases photosynthesis levels due to calcium and carbon dioxide. If you want your plants to develop here at Gro Supplies we believe it’s critical to you use both calcium and carbon.

You will find that Calcium is located in soil while carbon once in the plant is converted into carbon dioxide, this is essential for photosynthesis to develop. Xtreme Gardening’s CalCarb form is unique but very common source which includes calcium and carbon. Calcium carbonate is used across the world in agriculture to change the plants soil pH levels. However, CalCarb form of calcium is different calcium carbonate which is highly unstable, converting to calcium oxide and dioxide when applied to the foliage. This increases calcium which your plant has access to by the foliage, the CO2 outside and inside the stomata levels can rise which is efferent for photosynthesis efficiency.

If you forget to water or didn’t remember to bring the plant in before the cold snap, CalCarb can treat it and may be able to rescue it. It helps recover by increases photosynthesis in the foliage. It achieves this by raising the surface pH of the damaged foliage, this also deters pathogens which are in the air from taking advantage of cellular tissue which weakened the plant.


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